One of My Top Fave Sunscreens

Hello loves! In this post, I will review one of my top favorite sunscreens! The Perfect UV Protection Long Lasting SPF 50+ from Innisfree, it offers two variations – one for oily skin and dry skin. I honestly think that this is great since it would be easier and more convenient for people to buy the perfect sunscreen for their skin type.

Now, let me explain with you the features and good things about this sunscreen. First, it’s a long lasting and water proofing sunscreen that helps prevent your skin from getting greasy with sweat and sebum/oil during the day. Also, it is highly water resistant and it contains sunflower oil and Jeju green tea extract which helps protect our skin against UV rays. Need I say more? This sunscreen also has curcuma longa or turmeric and chia seed extracts which helps to keep our skin moisturized! How amazing is that right?! I’ve been using this for 2 years now and I’m in-love with it!

Now here’s my review about it:


The Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Long Lasting SPF 50+ weighs 50ml.

It comes packaged in your typical sunscreen tube, just like the other packaging of Asian brands that produces sunscreen. It has a screw can and nozzle at the bottom which makes it way easier to dispense the product. Another good thing is that it doesn’t leak out from the nozzle.


For the texture is a bit thick which I like since it would not easily be poured and be a waste compared to watery sunscreens. It’s definitely easy to spread and it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Very lightweight on the skin like you wouldn’t feel that you placed something on your face.

Next is it doesn’t leave a white cast on the skin which is great! Like I said, it’s easy to spread or blend, it would take just seconds to blend it. You just need one squeeze and you’re good to go! One squeeze goes a loooong way, trust me! Also, it doesn’t have any smell which is good for me because I’m really sensitive with weird smell or scents.


The Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Long Lasting SPF 50+ sits well underneath makeup which is good for me since I wear makeup most of the time. However, there are times wherein the heat is intense, I get a bit oily and sweaty. I know that it promises to be water-proof and it helps prevent skin from getting greasy with sweat and sebum/oil. I must say that on a regular day I don’t get greasy or oily when I use this sunscreen, but on really hot days I tend to get a little oily. I honestly think that this is normal, since in my case I easily get sweaty even though it’s not super hot. But when I use this sunscreen, I don’t get oily or sweaty which made me love this sunscreen even more.

For the water-proof part, it really does what it’s say! I usually apply my makeup in the morning and go home late from school and whenever it’s hot and I’m sweaty, it doesn’t melt off! However, some of it does get wiped away with sweat but no biggie for me. It’s really good as long as you don’t touch your face. Also, when removing it you need an oil based makeup remover since it doesn’t come off with just plain water. Double cleansing is a must!

For the moisturizing part, there are days wherein I only put moisturizer and this sunscreen. And, I honestly think that it helps keep my skin to be moisturized. 🙂


Overall, I love mostly everything about this sunscreen – love the features and its skincare properties! Been a fan of the Innisfree sunscreen for 2 years now and I think that it would definitely stay in my top favorites for a long time (unless I find a better one). It also matches with my skin tone, I have a fair skin. I would highly recommend this for people who have dry skin and for those who get sweaty for most of the time. Also, this is a great sunscreen for people who loves to put makeup since it sits well underneath makeup! If you want a sunscreen that has a great UV protection feature and contains ingredients that would help keep your skin moisturized, I believe that you would love this sunscreen! For the price, it retails for P825 pesos on the Innisfree website. I usually buy mine in Korea or Hong Kong (I hoard haha!) but it’s also available here in the Philippines but online only. I believe this is available in Althea Korea and other Instagram stores.

That’s it! I hope that my review would be helpful to you guys. Just let me know if you have any questions and I’ll try my best to answer it! 🙂

P.S. This is not a sponsored post, everything that I wrote is based from my experience and own opinion.



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