Why I Started Taking Skincare Seriously

Way back in high school, I wasn’t that into any skincare or beauty products. I just do the routine which I thought was the normal  one which was cleansing my face and using a toner afterwards. I really thought that this was the usual routine, mainly because I have a fair skin and I didn’t have any acnes at all!

Another main reason why I didn’t really care if I have a good or bad skin is because I came from an all girls school. Girls who came from an all girls Catholic school would definitely understand why! I mean we grew up together for almost 12 years, we actually witnessed everyone grew up. From being a young girl to being a grown-up lady.

My love for make-up and skincare all started when I was in 4th year high school. It was because of my sister, she told me that I should start to take good care of my skin and learn how to do make-up since I’m about to graduate high school already and be in college soon. Since then I started puting on some make-up like lip and eyebrow products.

Months passed but I still didn’t use that much beauty/skincare products, but when my face started to get dry & flaky I totally freaked out! And when I say dry & flaky, I mean Sahara dry and my t-zone and chin area were so flaky!! It was like my skin was peeling off due to sunburn, which I completely didn’t have. It was my worst skin ever. When I noticed that the dryness and flakiness didn’t go away, I decided to visit my derma to ask for help. I only go to my trusted derma clinic, which is Belo Medical. I believe that they have the best dermatologists and their clinic is just 20-30 mins away from my house which is super convenient for me! 🙂

So when I arrived, my dermatologist, Dra. Jenny Sison examined my face and after she told me that I have a skin issue wherein my skin gets really dry & flaky.  She also said that it can get super flaky that it can look like that I have sunburn! So much for having a dry skin already 😦 So she prescribed me to use a medical cream called Eczacort, it is used for treating various skin issues/disorders, itchy skin rashes and many more. I used this cream for weeks and it finally helped me get rid of the flakiness my skin! Thank God for this cream, it was like a miracle cream!!

From then on, I decided to take skincare seriously. I think it was kind of a wake up call for me that I should take really good care of my skin even if I don’t experience any skin issues. So many regrets for not starting young.

To be honest, when I started researching for good skin care & beauty products I actually enjoyed it! It was really interesting because you get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each product. Plus the fun part was that I get to try them out for myself!! 🙂 At first, it only started with researching and trying out a few products until I decided to look for more and more products that would help achieve a healthy and beautiful skin.

It was one of the best decisions that I’ve made. So that’s it! I hope that I encouraged and inspired all of you to really take your skincare seriously and not make the mistakes that I’ve made in the past. 🙂









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