Behind the Blog

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Hello there!

The Beauté Addict is a beauty blog by a girl who is in search of the best beauty products. I am here to share with you my thoughts about all the products I have personally tried and some of my travel experiences. I was inspired to start this blog because of my passion for beauty, traveling and photography. I am really into skin care (especially Korean) & make-up, I also love reading & watching reviews and trying it out for myself.

It all started with a micro-blog on Instagram wherein I post reviews & recommendations about different beauty products. When I finally had enough time, I decided to start a full-blown blog already.

I may not be a beauty expert, but I will definitely try my best to share with you my personal thoughts and reviews about the different beauty products I have used, both drugstore and high-end. I will discuss if the product is good or bad and why. In fact, I am still learning from different beauty bloggers such as The Beauty BreakdownJoan Kim, Liah Yoo, Renee/Gothamista and many more.

So this is it! I hope you enjoy the blog! 🙂




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